DGS 2020 Year End Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner was graced by the DGS President, some outgoing and incoming Committee members, DGS Members and Visitors, that were able to make it to the event. Various Competitions and Prize winners were acknowledged and awarded Prizes related to the various Competitions that each individual won in the stature that was befitting of the traditional DGS Year End, even under extremely difficult National circumstances.

Every time: That was the kind of drive that put Bheki Mthethwa ahead of everyone and atop the leader board, as he harnessed what he did best against every challenge. He was driven by excellence and got the job done, and won the 2020 Dinaledi Golf Champ Of Championships.  And a big thank you to the Sponsors, individual members, and visitors that contributed in making the occasion a success.

Mr. Bheki Mthethwa also made a significant gesture to the DGS Club earlier in the year 2021 when he decided to sponsor the DGS uniform, saving the Club a significant cost given the prevailing economic conditions.

Hear Mr. Bheki Mthethwa tell how being driven can change your game.

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